"Discover How To Get 4 Bangs In 30 Hours..."



Imagine walking past all the girls in line at a top club in Vegas…

walking past the VIP lines too…all the way to the entrance and having the rope immediately lifted for you and being ushered into one of Sin City’s Pussy Paradises.  Imagine having bottle service with hot girls at your table, looking over your “domain” and deciding which one of the girls will be your lucky slut for the night.

Christian's Conquest

Christian McQueen here.  That is my life EVERY time I go out…and now, I’m going to show you how to have this incredible experience in Vegas.  But more on me later…

  • Are you sick of going to Vegas and blowing money in clubs, only to come up empty handed?
  • Are you going to Vegas for the first time and want to have the BEST time possible?
  • Or do you simply want to get better at swooping 8’s, 9’s and 10’s and enhance your game in none other than Fabulous Las Vegas?

Allow me to provide the solution for YOU…

But before I tell you everything I can do for you…let me first explain what makes me qualified to take you on the ride of your nightlife.

I have over a DECADE of nightlife experience, including working under contracts with some of the top clubs in America, including Encore Beach Club/Surrender Nightclub at the famous 5 Star Encore Hotel in Vegas, Chateau Nightclub at the Paris Hotel in Vegas, The Underground in Chicago, Avalon in Hollywood, Supper Club, Greystone, Playhouse and TRU just to name a few.

In addition to being a VIP Host, I’m a columnist on ReturnOfKings.com and the author of the upcoming Nightclub Bible. I’m not a professional tennis player and I’ll never be in the NBA, but what I am an expert on, is nightlife and picking up women in clubs.

At 24 years old,

I raised the money and opened my own after-hours club in Los Angeles, and ran it hands on as the acting General Manager. I’ve done consulting for nightclub owners and have literally spent thousands of hours in clubs and lounges.  I’ve found the exact formula for what works and what doesn’t, in getting a spot On Lock and picking up girls.

I don’t say all this to brag…I’m telling you this because I know what it feels like to stand outside of a club waiting in line, because I WAS that guy years ago.

Standing outside of a hot new club in 12 degree weather, with my then-girlfriend on my arm, I watched as “special” people marched past the line and the velvet rope was lifted with no wait and I wondered to myself: “What was I missing here?” I swore to myself I would learn the secrets and never deal with being an outsider again.

Setting out on a mission with a vengeance, I put in the time and effort and am now considered one of the top Nightlife experts in America.

So many people have asked to party with me and show them how its done, that I’ve decided to create the Vegas Hangover Experience.  This enables anyone that has the means and desire, to do Vegas better than they ever have before.

There is no question, this will be your best Vegas experience, EVER.  In fact, if you are not 100% satisfied I’ll buy you an additional night at your hotel in Vegas.

Vegas Can Be Intimidating

…If you don’t know the right people.  Thousands of Beautiful People.  Hundreds of Things to Do.  There’s SO many options of places to go to that it can be overwhelming.

And How do you know the girl you just summoned up the courage to approach isn’t an escort?

I can tell in 10 seconds flat whether she is or not. Who wants to pay for sex? Not me and I have a feeling that you don’t either.

The fun is in the pickup and the icing on the cake is when she’s naked in your bed, or stairwell. It is Vegas afterall.

I’ve heard the horror stories of people who go and spend hard-earned money only to not get laid.

Vegas is a GOLDMINE for getting laid, but without guidance it can be a giant disappointment.

Why go and spend a ton of money only to be wandering around Vegas hoping something good happens?

“Legitimately, the only person in America who I know is doing better than me at picking up women is Christian McQueen…”
“Met Christian McQueen at a club in Hollywood. He’s the real deal.”
“Had a chance to meet Christian McQueen. Cool dude, had a place on lockdown, fearless approacher.”
I’ve hosted clients everywhere from LIV Miami to Marquee Vegas, to Sound in Hollywood all the way to 1Oak in NYC. My list of clients has included: David Beckham, Jamie Foxx, Dave Matthews, Vince Vaughn, James Woods, Ryan Seacrest, Jon Hamm, Sacha Baron Cohen, Cuba Gooding Jr., Taye Diggs, Snoop Dogg, Laurence Fishburne, Randy Jackson and other A-List celebs, multiple sports stars, sports personalities, CEO’s of major corporations and of course, Playmates.

Now I’m giving you the chance to experience Vegas how I experience it, in this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching for Two Full Nights by Christian McQueen!

Christian's Conquest 

  • Limousine to and from McCarran International Airport!

Las Vegas Limo

  • Dinner at the famous Sinatra Restaurant, a Forbes Four Star Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel!


  • Two Night Stay in Las Vegas! (at one of the Three Featured Hotels below…each is a 4 star+ hotel on the Strip)


Trump Hotel Las Vegas


Encore Hotel Las Vegas


Aria Hotel Las Vegas

  • Bottle Service at 1 Nightclub!


  • Admission to 3 Nightclubs (and no waiting in line)!

marquee-nightclub-dayclub-cosmopolitan-las-vegas-logo       430392483_640  nader-cheetany-surrender-las-vegas-nightclub-vip-host

  • The World Famous Hangover Heaven Redemption Package

Hangover Heaven Redemption pic

  • Party Memories to Last a Lifetime!

You’ll Also Receive These Valuable Bonuses

All current and future Christian McQueen products for FREE including*:

  • Nightclub Bible System: The Authority On Picking Up Women In Nightclubs
  • Stripclub Bible System: The Authority on Picking Up Strippers
  • Weekly Podcast “The Christian McQueen Show”: The Premier Podcast dedicated to discussing Game, Girls, Style, Fitness and living the Playboy Lifestyle.
  • 1 hour phone prep with Christian McQueen before your Vegas Hangover Experience
  • 1 hour follow up call after your Vegas Hangover Experience: Intro to City Lockdown
  • Gold Digger Secrets: How To Spot and Prevent Gold Diggers from Screwing You (and Not in the Good Way!)

*Christian McQueen’s Full City Lockdown not included

Take Advantage of My Experience:

Get over 10,000 hours (that’s 20 hours a week EVERY week….for 10 YEARS) worth of nightclub experience meeting women.  What would that be worth to you?  $15,000?  $20,000?  How about $30,000?  That’s only $3 per hour to get all of my knowledge (I feel like a virtual assistant).

Don’t worry, I’ll cut you a break.  I will let you know ahead of time that this isn’t cheap.  However, being coached by one of the best at meeting women and experiencing Vegas with one of the best VIP Hosts in America shouldn’t be.

Price: Apply Now for Pricing

Click the Apply Now button to see if you qualify for the Vegas Hangover Experience!  Don’t wait, space is limited.


“Rolled out with Christian McQueen to soak in some nightlife. The guy has solid game, fearless when approaching chicks and is funny as fuck. Real recognize real.”

Here’s what you are about to receive when you book your Vegas Hangover Experience TODAY:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching for Two Full Nights by Christian McQueen!
  • Limousine to and from McCarran International Airport!
  • Dinner at the famous Sinatra Restaurant, a Forbes Four Star Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel!
  • Two Night Stay in Las Vegas!
  • Bottle Service at 1 Nightclub!
  • Admission to 3 Nightclubs (and no waiting in line)!
  • World Famous Hangover Heaven Redemption Package
  • AND All the bonuses!

Guarantee: If you don’t agree that this was the best time you’ve had in Vegas, I’ll buy you an additional night at your hotel in Vegas.


All Sales Final.

Your Friend,


Christian McQueen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What specifically will I gain from going on this trip?

A: In 2 nights you will learn the ropes of how to put a club On Lock, as well as being coached in the environment on how to meet girls and actually doing it. I can’t promise you’ll get laid, BUT I can promise you that I’ll present the situations where it’s on a platter and it’s then up to you. Not only will you be seeing first-hand what I do, but I’ll be explaining WHY I’m doing it.

Q: Will Christian McQueen be hosting and coaching me 100% of the time on my trip?

A: From the moment you land at McCarren International Airport, you will be met by Christian McQueen in a limousine and escorted to your hotel to check in. After you get checked in and freshened up, Christian will take you to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants in Vegas, the famous Sinatra Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel on him and then lay out the itinerary for your trip. He is 100% committed to giving you the greatest party experience you’ve ever had, sharing his wealth of knowledge on nightlife and women with you and will be fully available.

Q: Can Christian McQueen guarantee me that I will get laid, and not by an escort?

A: No. He will provide the right environment and will help and teach you how to meet new girls looking to have a great time; however what you do with these opportunities are up to you.

Q: What expenses will I be responsible for?

A: Your airfare/transportation to and from Vegas, food (excluding dinner at Sinatra Restaurant), taxi rides (if needed), drinks (outside of your Bottle Service), any additional room charges, and any personal expenses you may have or indulge in.

Q: What is exactly is covered in the costs of the Vegas Hangover Experience?

A: 1 on 1 Coaching from Christian McQueen on getting a club On Lock and meeting women in clubs, Limousine to and from McCarran International Airport, Dinner at the famous Sinatra Restaurant, a Forbes Four Star Restaurant at the Wynn Hotel, 2 nights at one of three hotels: Trump, Encore or Aria, 1 Bottle of Bottle Service, Admission to 3 nightclubs: Marquee, Hakkasan and Surrender, and all the bonuses.

Q: Will I get a hangover?

A: That’s the plan.  No need to worry though.  I am providing Hangover Heaven’s Redemption Package to cure your hangover and have you feeling better than when you got to Vegas.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: The cost of the Vegas Hangover Experience is for 1 person only. This restriction is due to the 1 on 1 coaching. No Wolf Packs.

Q: I’m a girl. Can I do the Vegas Hangover Experience?

A: Send a pic for consideration.

Q: What is dress code like in Vegas?

A: Christian McQueen will cover dress code and other details in your 1 hour phone consultation before the trip.

Q: When’s the soonest I can go?

A: Upon purchase, trips can be booked two weeks from order date.

Q: Do I have to select the 2 night trip on a weekend?

A: No.  You can book any two consecutive nights of the week.

Q: After I go on the trip, can I go again?

A: Yes.  Subject to availability.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: All Sales are Final.  In the case of a serious personal injury, death of a family member, or other serious matter, trips may be rescheduled at no additional charge.

Q: My Question isn’t here, how do I contact you?

A: Contact Us at ChristianMcQueenMarketing@gmail.com


All Sales Final.